Ownice C500+ Nissan Qashqai with 7" navigation

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  1. Jema

    Jema New Member

    Sorry but I can't speak vietnamite.

    I have bought a new Ownice C500+ for my Nissan Qashqai (2015). like this:


    The problem is that the harness cables only includes two adapter connectors for Nissan Qashqai without 7" navigation system installed. Those connectors (for CAN BUS, Rear Camera, etc...) has 32 pins, but mine with navigation system has 24 pins :


    I can modify the harness but I need some diagram with the cables from Can Bus decoder to the 24 pin connector.

    Anybody would help me, please.

  2. ngochoangimsat

    ngochoangimsat Moderator

    Here http://forum.carpad.vn/threads/ownice-c500-nissan-qashqai-with-navigation.169/

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