Hướng dẫn root đầu owince C500

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  1. Jema

    Jema New Member

    Ok, thans for your support. I will try.
  2. crinamatei

    crinamatei New Member

  3. Edy Junaidi

    Edy Junaidi New Member

    Need help, when I enter /system/bin/forfan guoboneedav -i, it says password error, is there anything else I can do to root the device? My device Ownice c500 OL 7002F, with HMI:OLSC500_010.2017. MCU:TS907.170330 MEDIA:TSv1.0.1_170914_1500 BTV:BT.

    Updated new method at first post for new firmware
    su @#zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop1234567890,.
    Sửa lần cuối bởi điều hành viên: 30/1/18
  4. Edy Junaidi

    Edy Junaidi New Member

    Is the pre-rooted firmware above could work for Ownice c500 OL 7002F with the above mentioned firmware??
  5. tizzi

    tizzi New Member

    Đầu c500+ Ownice sắp up lên 7.0 chưa?

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